Sweat Dripping

Muscles straining

Heart beating

Lungs screaming

Legs pumping

Hands weaving


Running from the deafening screams of fear

Running from the never ending cacophony of thoughts

Running from the blunt blows of hurt

And the sharp stabs of pain

Tried to outrun them

But they are faster and stronger than me

They overtake me and I can see the smirk on their faces

I shake my fists defiantly at them

But they just mock and laugh at me


With no air in my lungs

No energy in my body

And no hope in sight

I reach a hill top

And there it was


The most beautiful sunset I have ever witnessed

It enveloped the evening sky

Slowly dragging the daylight away

Welcoming in the night sky

I breathed her in and gazed upon her beauty

Words were nowhere to be found

As my mind tried to comprehend the indescribable


Breathless I stood

As I am reminded

Of the creator who painted this beautiful sunset into the skies

Whose hands molded the heavens and the earth

And who by the same hands

Crafted me in his very own image

And said that “It was very good”


My gaze at the sunset is momentarily disturbed

Fear, thoughts, hurt and pain try and distract me

Their ridicule and scorn increases distinctively

They throw rocks of memories into my head and piercing words to my sides


But I gaze back towards the skies

Past the sunset and right into the hands of the creator

As he reaches down to hold me

To comfort me

And to guide me into his good and perfect will


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